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We build Apple Shortcuts to boost your phone’s functionality - for fun or efficiency.Check out what we’ve built, and subscribe for updates on new releases. 👇


Productivity Hacks

Automate tedious tasks, prevent distractions, and save time.

Tiny Invoice

Generate a PDF invoice quickly on your phone, and download it or send it over email!

Check out an example →

Quick-Copy to Clipboard

Set simple buttons to quickly copy links or text you often use when you send messages or emails.
Works well with the iPhone 15 Shortut button, or back-tap.

TikTok Timer

Automatically set a timer whenever you open a select app, like TikTok, to prevent spending unwanted time on your phone.

Forget Nothing

In one click, generate a travel list you define so you never forget to pack anything again.

Neat Receipt


This shortcut takes pictures of receipts and files them away into an easily accessible list so you don't have to worry about saving the physical copy.

Want something Custom?

Shoot us an email, and we’ll see if we can help.


Tricks and Tools

Impress your friends and add useful functionality to your phone.

Siri Hypnosis

Set custom Siri responses to specific phrases.

“Hey Siri, roast me”
You couldn’t beat a duck in a fist fight

App Ghost

Upload a phone background you want, and this shortcut will create a photo album of images you can use to make your apps invisible on your home screen!


Starts filming a video in one click, super fast.
Save precious seconds and never ever miss recording an important moment.
Works well with the iPhone 15 Shortcut button, or back-tap.

Automatic Birthday

Never forget a birthday again, and set your phone to automatically text set contacts on their birthday, or send you a notification.

Too Loud

Show any message quickly, in large text instead of typing it in the notes app. Useful for ordering at the bar when the music is too loud.

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And More, Coming Soon!

Different ideas we're still working on...

iPhone Text Adventure


Play a simple choose-your-own-adventure game on your iPhone - or use the structure we built to create your own!

Summarize Article with AI


Summarize any article you're browsing on Safari with one click using artificial intelligence.

How to set up "Tiny Invoice"

How to set up "Siri Hypnosis"

How to set up “TikTok Timer”

How to set up “Quick Copy to Clipboard”